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Top 111 Brookdale Senior Living Reviews (1)

Jennifer of Seattle, WA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 19, 2023

Update: Yet again, another rent increase that is outrageous! This is the second year in a row that they have raised the rent over $500 per month. They already price gouge elderly people, but now they are trying to make up lost revenue from residents that moved out during the pandemic by raising the remaining resident's rent at an absurd rate! My father's rent is now $4,560 per month for independent living for a one bedroom, which means he receives no help, other than two meals per day.

With my father having dementia, he cannot even afford to get the help or care that he needs while living here. Unless you are very wealthy, I don't recommend this facility. You can find equal or better care at more reasonable prices from other living facilities in or near West Seattle. It seems this company's only concern is making money, regardless of whether or not their residents can afford it. I recommend going on and reading some of the reviews from their own employees. Not only do they mention the high turnover rate and focus on making money, but they bring to light that they are understaffed when it comes to actually helping the residents.

My father has lived at this location for over 5 1/2 years and unfortunately the quality of the staff has gone down tremendously. No one seems to know what they're doing anymore since the majority of the staff quit a few months ago. You would think when someone pays $4,000+ per month for independent living, they would follow through with the agreement to drive him to his doctor's appointment once a week seeing that it's only 5 minutes away! My father has dementia and can no longer drive and I just had spinal surgery, so I'm currently unable to take him. I will be looking for another place for him to live. I do not recommend anyone moving into this living facility.

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Top 111 Brookdale Senior Living Reviews (2)

Lynn of Fort Walton Beach, FL Verified Reviewer

Original review: Nov. 10, 2022

(Video) Brookdale Senior Living CEO on the business rebound post-pandemic

Brookdale was advertising one month free and 1/2 off community fee in Sept. My mother is on a low fixed income. We were shown several apartments and was given incorrect information about the initial apartment. We finally came to an agreement on an apartment. My mother was given a reduced rate for her income. I was not informed that there would be extra “care fees”. They have the nerve to charge for “smoking assistance”. How do they assist her? They unlock the back door. They keep all doors locked at all times and staff has to let people out. For this “assistance”, they charge extra.

Within one month of moving in, the recently hired Executive Director quit. Now, we are being charged a full community fee. They do not have enough staff to handle the care adequately. They only offer fruit in the mornings and vegetables at lunch. My mother had lost 11 pounds since moving in. The food is horrible and the regular alternative she is offered is grilled cheese. They do not provide vegetables at night. To say that I’m disappointed is an understatement.

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Top 111 Brookdale Senior Living Reviews (3)

Deborah of Coppell, TX Verified Reviewer

Original review: Aug. 23, 2022

Brookdale in Richland Hills, Texas played so many games with our family with their pricing before we even moved our 90 year old mother into their facility! They would NOT confirm exact pricing for the unit we selected until AFTER we agreed to sign their paperwork (which we REFUSED to sign because we didn't know the price!) We were quoted numerous different prices for the monthly rent, care fee and community fee. We spoke with 2 different sales reps, the Exec Director and the Nurse who ALL had different stories regarding pricing and the care fee. We told them we couldn't do business like this, and walked away and found another facility (not Brookdale.)

After this experience, I started reading reviews about Brookdale and I feel like I dodged a bullet because most of the price increases happen after the resident moves in, not before! Brookdale's usual pattern is to get you to move your loved one into their facility and then the pricing increases start! Be sure to read all the reviews on this site and others, you'll see the pattern too. Brookdale is all about the money, don't be fooled! They know that once you move your loved one into their facility and pay all those initial fees, it's too expensive to move out so everyone just endures and pays the added fees. DON'T DO IT! There are plenty of other facilities that will be honest and straightforward about their pricing! Very disappointed with Brookdale and their pricing games!

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Top 111 Brookdale Senior Living Reviews (4)

Bill of Atlantic Beach, NC Verified Reviewer

Original review: Aug. 7, 2022

I was given the impression that they provided some recreational activities for the residents. We moved my mother into Brookdale Charlotte NC during the pandemic and I understood that activities were cut back. But all they do for the residents now is take them shopping. Occasionally a fellow will come and play the piano. Where are the parks, museum and such? The residents have no life. They sit in their rooms and watch TV. They deserve a better life. I certainly wouldn't want to live there. I am so disappointed.

(Video) Lawsuit filed against Brookdale Senior Living, Inc., claims facility did not follow discharge laws

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Top 111 Brookdale Senior Living Reviews (5)

Kelly of Kenosha, WI Verified Reviewer

Original review: July 18, 2022

So many serious matters left unresolved. February 7th 2022 I had a meeting with the director at that time. My question was simple, I wanted to know who authorized my mother be put in a wheelchair. My suspicion is they took it upon themselves to make their world easier as my mom was walking constantly. You see my mother's leg became contracted to the point she could never walk again. I had confirmed with the ER doctor and the physical therapist that the contraction could be due to the improper use of the wheelchair. Not only could my mother never walk again or care for herself due to the fact she could no longer stand, her bill at Brookdale doubled.

I would think that a director of a memory care facility would know what’s going on in her building and if she doesn’t know anything I would think the RN would. I’m sure they are both hoping this just gets swept under the rug. Again I say this was just one of the concerns. It was by far the most serious. I am encouraging anyone looking into the facility as a home for your loved one to be very very careful.

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Top 111 Brookdale Senior Living Reviews (6)

George of Poway, CA Verified Reviewer

Original review: May 23, 2022

As a resident with a very limited income I fear greed has become the only principle that governs the ethics of Brookdale's philosophy on the moral rights offered to their residents. This restricts my ability to share specific situations for fear of retaliation by Brookdale on a poor elderly individual. Brookdale paints a beautiful picture except when the pavement hits the road, Brookdale has whittled away all humanity and has created an industrial lifestyle for those under their thumb. I find the residents here only on a waiting list for death versus a life of joy. I can not turn a corner without feeling some form of trauma that cuts down on my physical health on a daily basis. Not to get into specifics but rather the loss, and what you lose in a Brookdale environment is your health, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. In the very short time I have been here, I would have to describe this place as being run the way I see prisons run, your moral rights have been denied you. My prayers today are for God to show me a way out.

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Top 111 Brookdale Senior Living Reviews (7)

walter of Lincolnton, NC Verified Reviewer

Original review: April 1, 2022

They told me they could not take care of my wife with dementia and Alzheimer's and made me take her home then turned around and charged me $1,200 for not giving them a 14-day notice that I was taking her home, and paid for one month upfront 3,300.00, kept her one week with no refund and like I said charge me for not giving them a 14-day notice which she already paid for this place is a disgrace and they could care less about the lives that they have under their care in the administration in Brookdale Memory Care in Monroe North Carolina

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(Video) Former Brookdale Charleston employee says residents are mistreated, staff sleep on the job

Top 111 Brookdale Senior Living Reviews (8)

Rafael of Irvine, CA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Feb. 19, 2022

I worked at Brookdale Irvine for 9 yrs. Management at that facility no longer works from their heart. I could no longer support working there. It’s only a business, not a service. For two years this has been true, residents and associates are leaving. I have always put my heart into my work and am saddened that I am not able to serve Brookdale's residents.

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Top 111 Brookdale Senior Living Reviews (9)

Rene of North Augusta, SC Verified Reviewer

(Video) Brookdale Senior Living offers community, legacy

Original review: Nov. 24, 2021

We placed my mother-in-law in the Brookdale Augusta location about 2 years ago (August 2019). At first, we very happy with our choice. Everyone seemed friendly enough and my mother-in-law seemed happy as well. She does have Alzheimer's, but mainly just needs help at this point with her meds. She is ambulatory and with a stable, steady environment and a routine schedule she does fine. Over time, we became completely dissatisfied with this facility. There were three director changes in the two years we were there. They raised the price of her basic facility charges and her personal care charges 3 times.

This year's notice for the 2022 increase was particularly painful! The staff proved to be not so caring and unreliable. After a fall where my mother-in-law fractured her forearm, she couldn't get staff to come to her room and called us at home two counties away to come help! When she needed their bus to take her for her first follow-up appointment (which was very important as they were to determine at this point if she may need surgery...and we double checked that they had her on their bus schedule for the appropriate day) they DID NOT take her for her appointment!! The doctor's office called and asked why we didn't bring her...shock is not the word to describe how this made us feel. When we asked Brookdale why this happened even after we called them and reminded them of her appointment they said, "The driver forgot..."

For many months after she began residency there, we had to call every single month to straighten out her prescription invoice. It was rarely correct. Such a hassle. To the day we moved her out of this facility, we could not get them to consistently send us an accurate Monthly Resident Form (which we supplied them with) for us to use to file her long term care insurance...the form is one page, front only, with only four questions that require check marks in the boxes, basically.

The last month there it took four attempts back and forth to get it completely filled out and even then they had scratched through the date next to the signature because they put the wrong month. The staff member who kept making these errors seemed unhappy to keep hearing from me about this form. And unapologetic. Believe me, it is no treat for me to have to keep following up on the same problem over and over again. But, the insurance company requires complete accuracy and Brookdale was consistently unable to deliver. These were not the only grievances that we had with Brookdale over those two years, but this review is getting long...

When we informed Brookdale (finally) that we were moving her out, of course they wanted to know why. To be polite, we just cited finances...because the rates had gone up so much since we moved her in there. To which the director replied..."Would you consider letting me see what I can do? I really hate to see Ms. ** move out. She does so well at Brookdale." Well, this is anything but the truth. Later, we found out from a former Brookdale employee that they don't keep the rates the same for every resident. Apparently, they work on a sliding fee scale. They overcharge paying folks like us and use that to offset the costs of those who need Brookdale to "see what they can do" about lower pricing for them. We feel cheated and mistreated. Can't believe we stayed so long. Ms. ** is in a far nicer facility now...and it costs less! We would not recommend.

Brookdale Senior Living response

Hi Rene, We're sorry to hear you feel this way and take your concerns seriously. We're aware that you have previously worked with the community's Executive Director and we have shared this review with them as well as our corporate management team. Thank you.

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Top 111 Brookdale Senior Living Reviews (10)

Sabrina of Arvada, CO Verified Reviewer

Original review: Sept. 9, 2021

While the facility is very nice, my father lasted 5 days before we felt like they forced us to remove him. My father is a fall risk that they were aware of, and instead of working with us to find a solution, the care team demanded we bring someone else in to watch him or they would do so and then bill us for the care. They were calling every day, demanding meetings and “health plan updates”. When it was discussed that the fees for the companion were unaffordable, they still demanded someone be with him 24/7 until he was acclimated. “Could be a few days or a few weeks.” What’s the point in him being there, then, if they can’t provide the care?

When we asked about other options for care, none were provided. When I explained that it felt like they were forcing us to move my father, I was rudely told “well he COULD stay if you got a companion.” They had been told countless times before this wasn’t an option not that family members could stay with him 24/7. When I asked about a refund for the remaining time he would not be in the facility, I was informed “this isn’t us not providing care” when it very much is them not providing any other options. Again, my father was there for what will total 6 days and they were not willing to ACTUALLY do the work to help him acclimate or refund the amount for the other 3 weeks. I have already reached out to corporate regarding the request but who knows how long that will take.

Brookdale Senior Living response

Sabrina, we are sorry to hear you feel this way and have shared your comments with our corporate management team. We are aware that you have spoken with the District Director of Operations, Alyssa, regarding this and we recommend reaching back out to her with any concerns you may have. Thank you!

(Video) Nation's Largest Senior Living Operator Accused of Neglect, Abuse

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