How To Fix Child Lock On Car Door? (2022)

Child safety locks are implemented in vehicles to prevent little children from accessing doors while the driver is driving. This is an excellent safety measure; but, if the child safety locks become jammed, you will be unable to open the door from the inside or outside, which can be troublesome. So, here in this article, we will discuss the methods to fix child locks on car doors.

Methods To Fix Child Lock On Car Door

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Child locks are little buttons that are fixed sites on the side of the back doors. Only when the car doors are open can you activate or deactivate them. Passengers, especially kids, may be unable to open the doors from the inside even if the latch is opened when the system is turned on. To let passengers exit, somebody must open the door handle from the exterior of the vehicle.

Child door lock systems restrict passengers from opening the car door from the inside, but they do allow you to open it from the outside. These are seen on the back doors of the majority of new autos.

Total Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Step 1: Take off the plastic cover on the child lock lever

The plastic coating on the child lock mechanism must be replaced in order to gain access to the lock’s lock mechanism. To remove the cover, you’ll need a flathead screwdriver. When you’re completed, you’ll notice the massive hole that allows you to access the lock mechanism.

Step 2: Spray WD-40 to the lock mechanism

You must grease the lock handle all over makingsure it reaches the inside of the lock so you can push it open and release it. Until you are accomplished, look for the kid lock device’s switch. It’s regularly located below the latch, mostly on the car door’s exterior edge.

Turn the switch on and off roughly 25 times to loosen the child safety security door, and then reset the lock. These methodologies can also be implemented to any other car doors that are stuck or don’t disengage properly.

Step 3: Replace the plastic cover


  • 1000 Grit Sandpaper
  • Boxed End Wrenches
  • Cross Tip, Or Philips’s Head, Screwdriver
  • Electrical Cleaner
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Mineral Spirits Cleaner
  • Needle Nose Plyers
  • New Door Lock Actuator
  • Nine-Volt Battery
  • Nine-Volt Battery Saver
  • Ratchet With Metric And Standard Sockets
  • Razorblade
  • Removal Tool Or Pry Tool

How Much Does It Cost To Get Child Lock Fixed?

The cost of this equipment varies depending on the kind of vehicle, the brand of the component, the model, and the location of purchase. It’s largely composed of distinct elements that all work together to give the locking function.

The cost will vary depending on the sort of security mechanism your car has and the part you wish to repair.

1. Door Lock Cylinder

This is the authentic keyhole that is usually seen on an automobile door handle. It’s often offered with a pair of two keys, as well as retainer clamps and screws for installation. These can be used to restore a lock that has been disrupted externally as a result of a collision or contact with some other item. A door lock package may involve severallocks. A door lock can cost somewhere between $10 to $350, but most are between $10 and $100.

2. Door Lock Assembly

A door lock component is an internal mechanism within the door that helps open and close the door by working in conjunction with the handle and the vehicle’s locking system. The assembly is concealed behind a panel on the door’s side. The door latch is integrated into the door lock mechanism and connects to a knock plate on the automobile door frame. An installation can cost anything between $30 to $750. The remainder of the parts, however, cost between $70 and $150. A component can be independently replaced or brought to a service centre.

3. Door Lock Knobs/Switches

The door lock knobs are a modest but vital feature of a car’s lock system. These are used to lock or unlock a car door from the inside by a passenger or the driver. Older models have a push-type knob near the window; however, later models have a switch-type knob that flips back and forth and is positioned within the compartment with the inner door handle. The cost of these knobs/switches can vary from $3 to $20. They are simple and direct to replace and therefore doesn’t require a technician’s expertise.

4. Power Door Lock Actuator

The actuator is the foundational element essential for auto-locking or auto-opening automobile doors in power door locking systems. It is made up of a tiny engine and multiple gears that move rods that activate the locks. It works by simulating the tugging and pushing forces required by manual door lock systems. The actuator for the door lock is concealed behind the door panel. An actuator can range anywhere between $30 to over $1000, which is a considerable price difference. Actuators of good quality are really not cheap, and the major portion of them cost more than $100. Furthermore, numerous aftermarket actuators worldwide prices rangefrom $50 to $100.

How Do You Tell If Child Locks Are On In A Car?

The latch or buttons for doorways with slots or passenger seats for toddlers are found in most automobiles. While the door is locked, you can contemplate the keys to the inner area you can’t see. A symbol in the shape of a child with an arrow indicates how to approach someone. The lever locks are flipped up and down depending on the car. In slot ones; it will be a rounded button with a little notch inside for the key. In contemporary cars, the doors may be triggered by a dashboard click or an electrical device. Read your owner’s manual again to make sure they are managed to turn on.

How To Ensure Safety Of Your Child in A Car?

a. Turn off the front Airbag

If you have no intention of putting your youngster in the front seat for some reason. Then confirm the passenger-side front airbag is turned off. In this instance, it is critical that you install a child restraint system with your toddler seated in the front. With the use of your car keys, you may deactivate the front airbags. To find out where the deactivation switch is located and how to activate it, see your car’s owner manual.

b. Remove any sharp objects from the automobile

Check the back seats for any sharp objects, such as scissors, window breakers, knives, and so on, especially if there are kids in the car. It is critical to avoid any such elements in the car with your child since they can injure themselves or create a distraction for you while driving. Also, keep an eye out for any little things, such as toys or coins, which might pose a choking hazard to your infant. Although you are concentrated on the road ahead, they may swallow such items.

c. Do not abandon the child

It is never a good idea to leave a youngster alone in the car. It might cause your infant to suffocate and be harmful. So either bring them or don’t get out of the car.

Can You Turn Off Child Safety Locks?

It’s essential to have a child safety lock, especially if you’re expecting or have toddlers you need to drop off at school or carry everywhere. It will keep them safe while driving and provide you with the peace of mind you require. A manual child safety lock is not accessible in cars with an automatic child safety lock.

Button for electric activation and deactivation. Turn the key or select a higher ignition setting than 0. In the driver’s door control panel, press the button. The notice is displayed on the driver’s display. The locks are active whenever the rear child lock is engaged and the button’s light flashes.

To turn off the locks, do the following:

  • Press the button in the driver’s door control panel.
  • The notice is displayed on the driver’s display. The locks are disabled when the rear child lock is disabled and the key’s bulb goes off.
  • When the engine is turned off, the current setting is retained; if the child safety locks are engaged when the engine is turned off, the function will be active the next time the engine is started.

Do Front Car Doors Have Child Locks?

No, usually the front car doors don’t have child locks. Generally, individuals in the front of the car get in and out more, making safety locks inconvenient, especially those like the kid locks on the back of many cars that had to be physically opened from the outside. However, some automobiles are already set up for this, although the dealer may need to configure them.

Final Talk

The child car seat is the most essential thing to get right in your car if you’re a new parent. The sorts of seats that are required, as well as when they are required, are governed by tight legislation. Because many new parents are perplexed by this topic, this useful guide about child car seats will be really helpful. It will tell you all you need to know, from the legislation to the type of seat you’ll need for your child’s growth at each stage.

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