Brooklinen vs Parachute: 5 Things To Consider (2023) (2023)

What does it take to have the best sleep of your life? Well, if you had to list the key features of a good night's rest, it would be a good mattress, ergonomic pillows, and of course, the best sheets and luxury bedding for maximum comfort. You spend nearly a third of your life asleep if you think about it. So, why wouldn't you want to invest in a good set of sheets? But how do you choose in comparing Brooklinen vs. Parachute?

Brooklinen vs. Parachute: 5 Things to Consider

Since both brands offer a buttery smooth weave and have stellar reputations for selling top-quality sheets, it can be tough to know how to compare Brooklinen vs Parachute. We've broken it down into five considerations to start with before you make a decision.

1. Price & Affordability

Advantage: Brooklinen.

Using the Queen sheet set as a baseline for comparison, Parachute sateen sheet sets are about 50% more expensive. The Brooklinen percale sheet set is about 25% more affordable than the Parachute percale set.

The Brooklinen set comes with a top sheet, too, while the flat sheet is an add-on for Parachute. This comparison includes the flat sheets. Brooklinen has much more affordable prices.

2. Customer Service

Advantage: Brooklinen.

Brooklinen's sheets come with a 365 days return period, and an additional 1-year warranty. Parachute bedding can be returned within 60 days.

Still, this is only one component of customer service, and both brands have a solid reputation for high-quality bedding and top-quality sheets. Both brands offer free ground shipping to domestic locations.

3. Color Options

Advantage: Parachute.

Whether you are considering a core sheet set or other bedding essentials, the Parachute color options are more neutral and should appeal to a broader population.

Brooklinen sheets include bold designs and sharp colors that are not as widely preferred. That said, this one may come down to personal preference.

4. Fabric Options

Advantage: Parachute.

You can find a percale sheet set or a sateen weave from either brand. Brooklinen also has heathered cashmere and washed linen options, while Parachute has linen and brushed cotton bedding essentials. This would come out as even if it weren't for the organic options noted below.

5. Organic Options

Advantage: Parachute.

In considering Parachute vs. Brooklinen, Parachute has the advantage in offering organic cotton options. While Parachute's sateen sheets are cool sheets that are hard to beat, the organic bedding takes comfort to the next level.

As you might expect, the organic fabric has a very natural look and feel. As a result, the organic sheets are among our favorite Parachute sheets, despite the high price point. Brooklinen's classic sets are fantastic, but if you prefer organic bedding, Brooklinen falls short.

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Online Sheets Battle Royale

These two brands are among the most well-known retailers in the luxury bedding market. If you want to guarantee comfortable bedding that won't keep you up at night, you'll want beautiful home essentials that are both of high quality and also within your budget.

Home goods are not just about decor or knickknacks. They are essentials that add value to your daily routine. Regardless of whether you're living in a rental unit or a permanent home, taking the time to choose the best luxury bedding between Brooklinen and Parachute can significantly improve your quality of life.

If you've already found your ideal mattress and are looking into bed sheet options, Brooklinen and Parachute began as small startups but are now household names. You've likely already seen their ads while browsing social media. But how do these two retailers compare?

Regardless of whether you need twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, or Cali king sets, we are confident that Brooklinen or Parachute have an option for you. We'll go over the pros and cons of each brand and why Brooklinen and Parachute are often pitted against one another.

Luxury Sheets Compared
Brooklinen vs. Parachute
Brooklinen vs Parachute: 5 Things To Consider (2023) (2)
Brooklinen vs Parachute: 5 Things To Consider (2023) (3)
Organic OptionsaddBrooklinenParachute
Long-Staple CottonaddBrooklinenParachute
ColorsaddBrooklinenClassic or boldParachuteNeutral and earthy
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Brooklinen Bedding

The CEO of Brooklinen, Rich Fulop, and CCO Vicki Fulop list a core set of values on the official website: quality, curation, and honesty. As co-founders of the business, they started the company to offer responsibly made bedding at an accessible price point.

They scoured the world for the best materials and manufacturers with the goal of delivering high-quality textiles directly to consumers. Brooklinen products are meant to be timeless, and they aim to help you live your most comfortable life!

Responsibly Made, Premium Bedding at a Fair Price

That's why their product lines cover bed sheets, bath textiles like towels and robes, as well as loungewear. This past year, they've even expanded to decors, such as candles, lighting, and wall art. Still, they're best known for their sheet sets.

Washed Linen Sheets

For a company with "linen" in the name, you'll be happy to find that the quality of these sheets lives up to its namesake! Linen sheets are great for warmer climates because they're breathable, soft, and lightweight. Like Parachute Home, Brooklinen uses European flax for that signature crumpled look.

They have everything you need, from flat sheets, fitted sheets, covers for your duvets, and customized pillows. They even sell quilts in this material. You can choose a variety of bundles, but the headline seller in this category is the linen hardcore set. It has a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, four pillowcases, and a duvet cover.

As we said, Brooklinen uses European flax for this set, so these products are of premium quality, and they're individually dyed. This set is often the go-to bedding for the summer season because it feels airy and soft.

So, if you're looking for that effortlessly chic lived-in look for your bed, this may just be the perfect match for you. The primary starter set is stonewashed, made from Belgian and French flax, and responsibly made in Portugal!

Luxe Sateen Sheets

This set is Brooklinen's best-seller among all of its product lines. With a 480 thread count, you're sure to have that cotton sateen finish that just oozes luxury! This product is ultra-soft, buttery smooth, and slightly luminous finish. What more could you really want out of a sheet set?

Like their other products, this set is Oeko-Tex certified. This means that it doesn't contain over 350 harmful substances often found in home goods products. Plus, the material is made of 100% long-staple cotton. But what does that mean exactly? Well, it just means that over time, your sheets will only get softer and softer with each wash!

On top of that, these luxury bed sheets include long and short-side labels, so putting them on is a lot easier to manage. With this sheet set, you'll get material that is heavier than percale. It has a silky, smooth texture that drapes well.

Plus, the slight luminous shine makes your bed look put-together and well-made. Sateen is a material that's great for all types of seasons, and a lot of people who prefer sateen tend to sleep cold. There's a reason why this is Brooklinen's top-selling product!

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Classic Percale Sheets

Do you want your bedroom to be reminiscent of a luxury hotel room? Then, there's no need to look further than the classic percale bed sheets. Like Parachute Home, Brooklinen uses Egyptian cotton for their percale bed sheets. Brooklinen's business began with this product.

These sheets are meant to emulate a hotel-style sleeping experience without the luxury price tag.

The classic hardcore set has a 270 thread count, and is excellent for hot sleepers. Think of this sheet set as cool and crisp! It uses long-staple cotton, just like the sateen sheets. But since it's percale, it has more of a matte finish rather than a sheen. The sateen sheets are the luxury counterpart at a higher thread count.

If you're not into a buttery finish and you prefer a crispness to your sheets, then percale is your best bet. It's comfortable, cool, and the perfect starter set for your first foray into beautiful home essentials.

In fact, Apartment Therapy put this sheet set on their "Best List" in 2020! Plus, this material doesn't wrinkle as quickly as others might. Want to know how this compares to Parachute? Keep reading below to find out.

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Do Other Customers Like Brooklinen Sheets?

Brooklinen now has over 100,000 five-star reviews, so, yeah, a lot of customers are satisfied with their Brooklinen products. That's why the company has shot up in the ranks in such a short time, and they're now a well-known brand in the bedding industry.

On the official website, you'll find that plenty of customers state that their bed has now become their sanctuary thanks to Brooklinen products. The material keeps them cool, so they don't wake up in a sweat.

Plus, the sheets come in rich, timeless colors. A few customers even state that they're too good to be true! Overall, there are plenty of high ratings for the bed sheets and duvet covers from Brooklinen. Plus, there are some rave reviews about the robes and loungewear.

Customer Service

What makes a company successful is not just their product but also the service they provide. If you experience any concerns or aren't satisfied with your purchase, you can contact a customer representative via 24/7 live chat, email, or customer service phone number. Consumers nowadays don't just value sustainability and a high-quality product: They also value reliability and value.

So, it's great to see that Brooklinen is prioritizing customer satisfaction. If you aren't happy with your purchase, you'll be glad to find that you can exchange or return it within 365 days. They also repair any frayed or ripped sheets thanks to a lifetime warranty. This company is all about making you feel comfortable!

Is Brooklinen Worth It?

Overall, if you're looking for accessible luxury bedding,

Brooklinen offers a set of sheets that may be the perfect match for you. They're all about minimalist, classic designs. So, if you're all about a timeless aesthetic, then it's the ideal brand for you.

This brand offers excellent sheets that are responsibly made. It's considerably cheaper than Parachute Home, and you can stock up on a lot of items since it's more affordable. You get high-quality textiles for a reasonable price! If you're still unsure, see how it compares to Parachute.

Pro Tip: The down comforters are also very popular. The comforters are designed with baffle box construction to prevent down clusters from accumulating.

Brooklinen vs Parachute: 5 Things To Consider (2023) (5)

Parachute Home Bedding

This startup began with founder Ariel Kaye. The brand's key features are all about premium, beautiful home essentials that are accessible and high-quality. The business launched in 2014 as an online-only brand for selling luxury bed sheets.

Now, they've expanded to other areas of the home and offer loungewear and bath textiles. They even have a few brick-and-mortar stores in the United States.

In comparing Parachute vs. Brooklinen, the price might be the first difference you notice, Parachute is known for premium bedding and is worth the investment

Luxurious, High-Quality Essentials for the Homebody

Parachute sources their materials from Portugal, just like Brooklinen's business. And the Parachute brand is all about a clean, modern aesthetic with quality as its major focal point.

As you can see, there are an astonishing number of similarities between the two when it comes to their core set of values as well as their materials! But they do differ in a variety of ways, as you'll learn in the following sections.

Linen Sheets

Just like Brooklinen, Parachute uses 100% European flax for their linen. The set has a unique texture that is both light and airy. Parachute emphasizes that its linens are eco-friendly, antimicrobial, and insulating. So, it's meant to keep you warm in the winter yet cool in the warmer seasons.

The material is soft and breathable. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors. Parachute offers plenty of different tones in comparison to Brooklinen. While Brooklinen might offer classic linen shades, Parachute has earth tones like ochre and terracotta.

With this elegant and casual sheet set, you'll find that the texture of your bedding is soft and luxurious yet sturdy and versatile. This material has a medium weight and is a great alternative to cotton. One major difference you'll notice with Parachute Home is that you have the option of adding a top sheet or not.

Also, wrinkles are all a part of the effortlessly chic look for this set. In fact, creases and textures are a great way to channel that natural bohemian style without sacrificing luxury quality.

Several other customers have concluded that Brooklinen's linens wrinkle a lot more than Parachute's. This may be the determining factor if you're looking to achieve a specific vibe in your bedroom.

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Sateen Sheets

The sateen sheet set from Parachute is made of 100% premium, certified long-staple Egyptian cotton. On paper, the material is similar to Brooklinen's sateen. Customers found that Parachute's sateen set feels a lot softer, but it also wrinkles a lot more than Brooklinen does. The Brooklinen set of sheets has a smoother appearance, and the fabric feels a lot stronger.

But, subjectively, the Parachute set feels better and is pill-free. The Parachute brand starts selling sateen sheets at a higher price point, but you can expect to see a silky smooth finish instead of a matte finish. They're also Oeko-Tex certified so that you won't find any chemicals in these products. You'll get the best sleep of your life knowing that your sheets aren't full of toxins.

The sateen set drapes well and is smooth against your skin. It uses a four-over-one-under weave pattern that gives it a more subtle luster. So, it isn't shiny like you'd expect from silk. Parachute makes it a point to be transparent about their sourcing, too. So, you'll find that they have blog posts on the differences between regular cotton and long-staple cotton.

The long-staple cotton used in these sheets means that the fibers are long, so they're less prone to any wear and tear. Because you use these products daily, it's important that they're durable without sacrificing breathability and softness.

Percale Sheets

This is Parachute's signature bedding set. It's made of 100% Egyptian cotton and manufactured in Portugal. When compared to their competitor, Brooklinen's percale sheets are a lot crisper, while Parachute sets feels a lot softer. They provide that elegant drape on your bed, and it's a great option for hot sleepers.

Do Other Customers Like Parachute Sheets?

So, now that you've seen the differences with the same types of products, you might be thinking, "What are people saying about Parachute?" Well, they're saying a lot of great things! The products feel luxurious, and most customers definitely feel like the quality matches the price point. Some state that Parachute sheets are the best and softest sheets they've ever tried. But they also come at a higher price point.

Brooklinen vs Parachute: 5 Things To Consider (2023) (7)

Customer Service

Now, let's talk about responsiveness and reliability. For customer service, Parachute offers contact methods in the form of email, live chat, as well as a phone number. But they don't list a number to contact. Instead, you have to schedule a phone appointment due to high call volumes.

The live chat also isn't 24/7 like Brooklinen's chat feature. Parachute customer representatives are only available at certain hours from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST. On top of that, the return policy differs greatly.

While Brooklinen offers returns and exchanges up to 365 days, Parachute only offers it for up to 60 days. You do have the option of making returns at over 250 in-person locations. So, that is a great and convenient way to handle returns and exchanges.

The company donates any used bedding to partners at Habitat for Humanity. For mattress purchases, they accept returns within 100 days.

Is Parachute Worth It?

When it comes to beautiful home essentials, Parachute is definitely near the top of the list in terms of reliability, durability, and luxury material. People find that the higher price point is justified because they're some of the best textiles they've ever come across.

Of course, it all really depends on what material you're opting for when it comes to your bedding. Parachute does not offer warranty or repair on their products. But it's likely because they put a lot of effort into the construction and the durability of their sheet sets. If you're still unsure, look over all of the pros and cons below.

If you are still not sold, Parachute also offers fabric swatches if it will help you decide.

Brooklinen vs Parachute: 5 Things To Consider (2023) (8)

Alternative Online Bedding Companies

While several of our featured online brands are reaching out so that you can buy, say, a nice firm pillow to go with your new duvet cover and other bedding, our primary goal is to help you find the perfect pair of sheets. While it is a little unusual that Parachute sells their fitted sheet separately from a flat sheet, Brooklinen and Parachute are still two of our favorite brands.

When it comes to price, Brooklinen has the edge, but you might be able to find some final sale items from Parachute if you prefer their brand. Still, there are other options out there. Whether you are looking for a core sheet set or duvet covers, Boll & Branch, Cozy Earth, and Sheets & Giggles are all worth considering.

Boll & Branch Bedding

While Parachute offers an organic sheet selection, Boll & Branch sheets are all organic. Its part of their core ethos to manufacture responsibly made products. The brand's signature sheets are made of a sateen fabric. Of course, while is all about the sheets, they offer organic duvet covers, a down and alternate down duvet insert, and even mattress and mattress pads.

(Video) Brooklinen Sheets Sets Review - Which Brooklinen Sheets is Best for You?

Boll & Branch also sells luxurious towels and robes made from organic cotton fabric to complete your bedroom suite. Boll & Branch is more expensive than the other online brands, but you are paying for fair trade manufacturing of organic fabric. Boll & Branch sheets feel buttery smooth. If you try to make eco-conscious and otherwise socially considerate decisions, Boll & Branch is for you.

Cozy Earth Bedding

Of course, cotton sheets and a duvet insert converted with a sateen cotton shell isn't the only option. Cozy Earth sells bamboo bedding that is extremely soft. Cotton has a bad reputation because modern farming techniques require potentially unsustainable amounts of water, not to mention the extensive use of insecticides.

Bamboo is known to "grow like weeds." Bamboo requires very little water and little-to-no pesticides or insecticides. With all of this in mind, there are a growing number of considering cotton alternatives, such as the bamboo bedding made by Cozy Earth.

Plus, various Cozy Earth products have landed on Oprah's list of favorite things for multiple years running. Cozy Earth products are expensive, but Oprah finds the investment worthwhile, and we are confident you will too.

Sheets & Giggles Bedding

Organic cotton is a great choice for those looking for an earth-friendly decision, but comparing bamboo vs. eucalyptus sheets may be worth your time. Among eucalyptus bedding, Buffy and Sheets & Giggles are our favorite brands, but we are particularly .

Eucalyptus fabric is ultra-soft and only gets softer over time. And while many brands stick with neutral colors such as white, cream, and light grey, Sheets & Giggles lives a little on the edge. You can find white bedding, but you can also choose from colors such as royal purple and mint.

If white is your thing, you could always buy extra pillowcases in one of the brighter colors to spice things up. Most sets come with two pillowcases, and that's not enough anyway, so you might as well mix things up. This is especially true if you have a bigger bed, like a California king bed. You definitely need more than a few down pillows.

The Best Luxury Bedding

So, which of these brands offers the best sheets? Who's the real winner when you pit Brooklinen vs. Parachute? It's hard to say because it really depends on what you want out of your bedding. Both brands offer Oeko-Tex certified products. This means they're all organic, natural, and free of hundreds of different chemicals commonly found in home products.

Both brands also offer linen bedding made of 100% European flax, so they aren't a blend of other artificial fabrics like polyester or acrylic. And their linen products don't have a cotton blend in them either. This speaks to the premium quality of each brand. On top of that, both brands use 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton for their percale and their sateen sheet sets. So, you know you're getting only the best in terms of weave, thread count, and durability.

Flat Sheet Not Included?

Now, here's where they differ. When it comes to price point, Parachute is a little higher. Parachute also doesn't show any thread count information, so you can't measure its quality in that sense. Plus, Parachute doesn't include a top sheet as part of a standard set, so you get more for your money with Brooklinen.

Value is in the eye of the beholder, but Brooklinen is cheaper, and most people would prefer that the top sheet be included as part of the overall set, alongside the fitted sheet and pillowcases.

What About Size Options?

One thing you may notice if you spend much time looking at premium bedding is that high-end retailers don't always have every size. A twin xl set may not be available in your favorite color.

Looking at Brooklinen's Classic Sheet Set, it is available in twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, and for California king beds, as well.

On the other hand, Brooklinen's Heathered Cashmere sets aren't available in twin or twin xl. Since the Heathered Cashmere is a higher-end product, it is only available in full, queen, king, and Cali Kings sets.

It's a similar story for Parachute. The Parachute Percale sets are available in almost every size you could imagine, including twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, and California king. The Parachute Brushed Cotton Sets aren't available in twin or twin xl sets, but they are available in full, queen, king, and California King.

Recommended Online Bedding

In comparing Parachute vs. Brooklinen, the decision may come down to preferences such as your budget, color choices, and whether or not you want to sleep on organic bedding. Brooklinen offers a better overall value, but Brooklinen's color choices are also a little edgy.

It's also worth remembering that only Parachute offers organic bedding. So the bottom line is this:

If value and affordability are your top priorities, choose Brooklinen. On the other hand, you prefer organic options and earthy and neutral colors, choose Parachute Home bedding.


Which is better Brooklinen vs Parachute towels? ›

Percale: If you love the light, crisp feel of a percale sheet, choose Parachute. Sateen: If you prefer the feel of soft, smooth sateen sheets, go with Brooklinen.

Is Brooklinen made in China? ›

Designed in Brooklyn, Made in Canada. Our Down Comforters are sustainably made using the soft, fluffy clusters of duck and geese to provide warmth and insulation. They're hypoallergenic, encased in our 100% Cotton Sateen shell and they come in 3 warmth levels so you can find the perfect one for you.

Who are Parachute competitors? ›

Parachute Home competitors include Ethan Allen, Garden Ridge, Pepperfry and Boll & Branch.

What is comparable to Brooklinen? ›

See how Brooklinen compares to similar products. Brooklinen's top competitors include eve Sleep, Helix Sleep, and Blue Sleep.

Why are Brooklinen sheets so expensive? ›

Why are Brooklinen sheets so expensive? We can't deny it, Brooklinen sheets are a bit more expensive than the average sheet set. That said, we think they're exceptionally durable and are really high quality. So you might pay a little bit more, but they will last longer than a cheaper set.

Is Brooklinen a luxury brand? ›

Brooklinen. One top contender that's Oeko-Tex certified and is a solid cotton sheet for both warm and cold sleepers is Brooklinen's Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle (starting at $240; Brooklinen is a direct-to-consumer brand that delivers high-quality sheets with a reasonable price tag.

Who is Brooklinen owned by? ›

On the first day of their Vegas vacation in 2012, our founders, Rich and Vicki Fulop sat down on their hotel bed and immediately had the same thought: “These sheets are really nice!” But when the price was revealed, they discovered an opportunity and after a trying road, built Brooklinen.

Does Brooklinen use Egyptian cotton? ›

Luxury bedding start-up Brooklinen shares their customer-raving formula for high-quality, fair cost bedding: Egyptian long-staple cotton, single-ply threads, 270+ thread count, and percale or sateen weaves.

Are Brooklinen sheets wrinkly? ›

If you need your bed to look perfect at all times, these sheets probably aren't for you. They get quite wrinkly after a few nights of sleeping in them and stretch between washes. And while they're super soft, it does take a while to get used to the feeling of linen.

Is parachute a luxury brand? ›

Parachute is one of the top direct-to-consumer luxury bedding brands in the country.

What parachute does the US Army use? ›

The T-11 replaces the legacy T-10, which has been in use with the U.S. Army for over 50 years. Designed, developed and manufactured by Airborne Systems, the T-11 is the next generation non-steerable troop parachute system.

Do Navy SEALs use parachutes? ›

When SEALs arrive from the air, they are often going to extremely difficult-to-reach places. In this case, they may jump from a plane into the ocean with their Zodiac, parachute into the area, or use fast-rope and rappelling techniques. When parachuting, SEALs use either static-line or free-fall techniques.

What is Oprah's favorite sheets? ›

Cozy Earth's Bamboo Sheet Set is an Oprah favorite — in fact, the brand has made her list of favorite things FOUR years in a row — and after trying them out for myself, it's safe to say these sheets have become my favorite, too.

What kind of sheets does Oprah like? ›

Oprah loves Cozy Earth for their ultra soft, breathable bedding that is perfect for hot sleepers because it helps keep your body cool while you snooze. The hypoallergenic sheets, pillow cases, duvet covers and comforters are made from 100% viscose from bamboo that feels degrees cooler than cotton.

What is the most luxurious fabric for sheets? ›

Egyptian cotton is the most luxurious variety. This is is the choice if you want super-soft, high-quality bed sheets. Grown in the warm, dry climates of North Africa, Egyptian cotton has extra-long fibers that create the softest, smoothest fabric. Pima cotton is also known for its softness and natural sheen.

Does Brooklinen have Black Friday? ›

Brooklinen Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale 2022: Everything I Recommend as a Shopping Editor. Get cashmere sheets, plush towels, and more for less! Brooklinen has been leading the charge on discounts this Black Friday, but the Internet-favorite brand still has more promotions in the works.

Should you wash sheets before using them Brooklinen? ›

Care requirements. Brooklinen suggests machine-washing them in cold water with a natural detergent and tumble drying them on low. Even though the sheets are pre-washed, I'd still suggest you run them through the wash before sleeping on them the first time.

What is the number 1 luxury brand? ›

The annual report on the most valuable and strongest luxury & premium brands Ranking
23Louis Vuitton
21 more rows

What is the highest quality luxury brand? ›

What Are the Best Luxury Brands of 2022? The best luxury brands of 2022 are Dior, Michael Kors, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, and Nordstrom. Each of these eight luxury brands excels in different areas, such as material quality, fashion design, product variety, or brand popularity.

Which towel quality is best? ›

Cotton is the most popular towel material. But not all cotton towels are created equal. High-quality Turkish and Egyptian cotton produce the best, softest, and most absorbent towels. Whether you need them for yourself or your guest bathroom, cotton bath towels are multitaskers and ideal for everyday use.

Are Brooklinen towels nice? ›


These are so soft and make you feel like you're cuddling with puppies while you're toweling off,” said one happy customer. If you're looking for quality but don't enjoy extra soft towels, the brand also sells waffle, ultralight and classic options. Plus, it's oversized bath sheets.

What towels do most hotels use? ›

The most common types of towels used in hotels are 100% cotton towels. However, cotton and polyester blends are also used in hotels, thanks to their exceptional durability.

What towels do the Kardashians use? ›

In an article for Poosh she wrote when she started working with the brand, Kardashian raved about her Aquis wrap towel: “Not only does it cut down on drying time, but it also minimizes frizz and breakage and increases shine.

What is considered a luxury towel? ›

750-900 GSM

Considered the premium luxury weight, these towels will be denser, thicker, and more absorbent. Due to the premium weight, higher GSM towels may take a little longer to dry, but the plush softness combined with super absorbency make it more than worth the wait.

Is Turkish or Egyptian cotton towels better? ›

In the end, the difference between Turkish and Egyptian cotton towels can be boiled down to absorbency and speed of drying. While both cottons offer long, absorbent fibers, Egyptian cotton tends to be more absorbent and slower to dry; while Turkish cottons are slightly less absorbent and are quick to dry.

How do hotels get their towels so white? ›

Most hotels use peroxide-based laundry detergents to keep their sheets and towels bright. While these compounds are extremely successful at preventing white linens from greying or yellowing, they do necessitate some amount of knowledge. When used incorrectly, they might cause damage to your linens.

Are expensive towels worth buying? ›

Pricier towels not only elicit some sticker shock, they can be more maintenance than they're worth. “We've found that the priciest towels tend to be significantly heavier, which means they stay damp longer and can get musty easily,” says Modak.

Which is better Supima or Egyptian cotton towels? ›

Supima cotton stands for “superior cotton,” which is a step above Egyptian cotton in quality and feel. The fibers have superior durability and can stand up to washings easily. You will find that because supima cotton is so soft, your night's sleep will be comfortable and easy.


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