Best Areas Of Fort Worth, Texas To Buy A Home - House Digest (2023)

Best Areas Of Fort Worth, Texas To Buy A Home - House Digest (1)

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ByEmily Kammerlohr/Dec. 6, 2022 9:08 am EST

Cowtown, as Forth Worth is affectionately known by its residents, is a great combo of southern charm and modern innovation. According to Landing, many might think of Fort Worth as just another suburb of nearby Dallas, but they couldn't be more wrong. The city, the 5th largest in the state and 13th in the entire country, has a personality entirely its own (via World Population Review). It's also a great place to be if you love a good meal, as the city has the perfect mixture of Tex-Mex and good ole fashion Texas BBQ.

You're also close to DFW airport, which is one of the busiest in the world, with 193 domestic and 67 international destinations served nonstop (via DFW Airport). There is a huge sports scene, as nearby Arlington hosts AT&T Stadium, home of the beloved Dallas Cowboys. You can visit the remnants of the Old West at the Fort Worth Stockyards, or step into some of the world's busiest energy offices in the downtown area. Whether you already rent in Fort Worth and are looking to transition into being a homeowner, or are just moving to town for the first time, we've done the research on where to purchase a homefor you. Here are our top picks.

Arlington Heights

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Arlington Heights is an affordable area with excellent schools and plenty of nearby amenities to enjoy. According to Reside Real Estate, the neighborhood's location can't be beat when looking to buy in Fort Worth. It's just a short drive southwest of downtown, so commuting into the city would be a dream for most workers. The Arlington Heights area is also famous for the quality of residents it has. Many report that there is a really strong neighborly spirit in the area, so much so that most folks will go out of their way to help one another. This strong sense of community could come from the rich history of the area. When Fort Worth first began incorporating land into the city for residential development in the early 1900s, Arlington Heights was at the top of the list.

If you are someone who enjoys the outdoors, this community is a great fit for you with a number of parks and outdoor recreational areas. Trinity Park is a popular choice for its amenities and river views. The over 200-acre reserve features a playground for young visitors and a network of trails for walkers and joggers.

Rivercrest / Crestline

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In Fort Worth history, the Rivercrest and Crestline neighborhoods have a reputation for being well-off with plenty of history. Homes in the area have rich legacies that the general public can only glimpse on special occasions. One such moment is when a member of the community passes away and an estate sale occurs. "This house, from start to present, has been nothing short of jaw-dropping. The first day I walked in I knew that many of the items were museum quality," Tracy Keltner, an estate sale enthusiast told Culture Map Fort Worthabout visiting one such sale.

According to Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, homes can range anywhere from the mid-400k mark to well over 1 million, with the select few homes tipping closer to 5 million. The price is well-justified, however, due to the perfect location of the neighborhood and its amenities, as the Fort Worth Botanic Garden and the Fort Worth Zoo are only mere minutes away. It's also a quick drive into downtown Fort Worth, so for those working in the energy sector, the office is never too far away. Despite their location so close to the action, these neighborhoods have small, private streets and plenty of large trees, offering residents plenty of space from the outside world.


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Fairmount is a historic district in Fort Worth whose residents take great pride in their homes and style of living. According to the Fairmount National Historic District, the neighborhood has been on the National Register of Historic Places since April of 1990. Such recognition is a great honor. Purchasing in Fairmount comes with a fair amount of history, as well as required upkeep. While it is extensive, it can add value to your home. For example, all residents must adhere to strict renovation requirements. You cannot enclose your front porch, you shouldn't replace windows or doors that are original to the home, and you can't paint any original, unpainted brick. While firm, these standards keep the neighborhood looking its best, thus keeping home values high.

Because of its unique appearance, the Fairmount area is subject to quite a bit of public interest. Even if you don't end up buying a home in the area, you still might enjoy taking the local driving tour to learn about the area's history and its eclectic residents. This includes the Maples family who once lived at 1710 Fairmount Avenue, as their son had a near-fatal encounter with a street car, as well as the story of 1227 West Magnolia Avenue, which used to be a mortuary (via Historic Fairmount).

Westover Hills

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Westover Hills is one of the wealthiest towns in Texas and a great place to buy a house. According to Culture Map Fort Worth, the community is less than five miles from Fort Worth but is technically its own independent city. Local real estate agent Caren Parten says, "Westover Hills is a quiet communityknown for its luxury homes with large, landscaped lots that are located on peaceful, tree-lined streets." She adds,"Homes in this neighborhood come in so many different styles, including soft contemporary, Tudor, Mediterranean, French Provincial, Colonial, Georgian, and — my favorite — Spanish Colonial."

It's a great place to live if you love the outdoors because of these great walking trails. In addition, if you are looking for a safe, established area to purchase a property, this suburb is a great fit. Westover Hills has just under 300 homes and roughly 700 people. It is a great place to raise a family, due to its tight-knit community and ample amounts of green space (viaTown of Westover Hills).


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Westcliff is a family-friendly and affordable suburb. According to Candy's, the neighborhood is very close to Texas Christian University (TCU), which gained the area a reputation for being mostly college kids. However, in recent years, the demographic of the community is shifting to include more young professionals, families, and even retirees. The modest-size homes are great if you are just dipping your toes into the housing market, or are thinking about downsizing to enjoy your nest egg with less maintenance. In addition, there is also a large range of property prices in the area, from the mid-$200s to the millions if you prefer more space. There really is something for everyone.

The Westcliff Neighborhood Association is proud to maintain a peaceful and safe atmosphere within the community. Now, Westcliff is known for its quiet streets and large trees. However, there used to be problems with TCU college students causing noise disturbances with loud parties. Since the Community Engagement office created the TCU Neighbor to Neighbor program, the problem has all but resolved itself. Now, students, families, and everyone in between are able to live peacefully together in this up-and-coming suburb of Fort Worth.

Mira Vista

Mira Vista offers luxury homes in a quiet and safe area. According to the Mira Vista Country Club, the community is based around a central golf course. A group of developers led by Jerry L. Thomas started construction on the neighborhood in 1987. Now, the 625-acre area of rolling hills is a private, upscale place to call home about 20 minutes southwest of downtown Fort Worth. While the community's country club offers members many perks like golfing, swimming, and fine dining, joining is not compulsory. Instead, residents might choose to enjoy hiking or biking in the nearby Pecan Valley Park, or even boating or fishing on Benbrook Lake which is just next door.

If you want luxury, you can't find a better location. Homes in the neighborhood tend to sell for more than a million (via Redfin). When driving through the neighborhood, it is easy to forget that you are in Texas, as most of the homes have been built in classic opulent styles. They are modeled after French chateaus, Italian villas, and even English country estates. Most homes have generous lot sizes, and some even feature private gates and other security features.


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Benbrook is a small town with an easy commute into the city. It's the perfect fit for homebuyers who prefer a tight-knit community without all the congestion of a big metropolis. However, as the Benbrook City Website points out, it's conveniently located in southwest Tarrant County, and the conveniences of the downtown area are never that far away. The north shore of Benbrook Lake borders the community, so on your days off, you won't need to venture far from home to enjoy common hobbies. You have options to go hiking, biking, golfing, fishing, and even horseback riding as the town has opportunities for all of these and more.

There is a new community center to gather and enjoy, as well as the Cendera Business Center for local conferences, weddings, and fundraisers. The city takes great pride in being highly rated for easy access to city services and friendly folks. Homes in the area typically start in the mid-200k range and can reach over 500k, depending on the amount of land and square feet you require (via These prices continue to be competitive nationally and you get plenty of bang for your buck by purchasing in this area.


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Tanglewood is a neighborhood with plenty of green space that's nice and close to Texas Christain University (TCU). Whether you are a current or former horned frog, work at the university, or just like the overall vibe that being near a college brings, it's easy to feel at home in Tanglewood. According to League Real Estate, the community is perfectly located between the area's two major highways. This way, residents have quick access to most parts of Fort Worth and beyond.

There is great shopping nearby, as the University Park Village features high-end retailers and lots of dining options. Cozier areas like Bluebonnet Circle and Park Hill offer local eateries and specialty boutiques. However, the most envious part of living in Tanglewood is all the shade available on the public hiking and biking trails. The Trinity Trail system runs through the town, often under the protection of trees. This offers access to nearby towns and a way to escape the grueling sun. It's a lush area that residents are lucky to have so close to home — especially in the Texas heat.


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Crowley is a charming small Texas town. According to the City of Crawley, you can't beat the location. The community has soft, rolling hills that stretch out for miles that are lush and green for most of the year. It's just a short hop south on I-35 from Fort Worth, but without the hustle of the big city. If you are looking for a calm, classically Texas place to put down roots and raise a family, consider Crowley.

Crowley is growing rapidly as the population of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex continues to swell. That said, the Crowley housing market is consistently priced lower than living closer in, so the overall cost of living remains steady. There is a young population in the area, as the 25 schools of Crowley Independent School District are highly ranked and full of passionate education professionals. Downton Crowley is being revitalized into a walkable, lively business district with plenty of places to eat, shop, and be entertained, including a 2-acre plaza. The town supports local business owners and seeks to attract more entrepreneurs to invest in the community. However, commuting into Fort Worth and even nearby Dallas is also a breeze due to the proximity of the highway.


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Aledo is a great, family-friendly suburb. According to Reside Real Estate, Aledo has humble beginnings as a small community on the outskirts of town. However, as the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex continued to grow and grow, residents began moving further afield and landed in Aledo. It has all the hallmarks of a small Texas town, friendly folks, great options for education, and plenty of good places to eat. Aledo Independent School District is well respected and residents are proud to have their children take part. The downtown area is also home to many locally-owned, delicious restaurants.

Aledo is about half an hour from downtown Fort Worth and less than an hour from Dallas. So, if you need to commute to either larger city, it's doable. It's the perfect place to be if you want to leave the traffic and big city life behind when you finish your work day. Many other residents are starting to feel this way, so real estate prices in the suburb are more competitive than in some other areas of the state. Because of this, purchasing a home in the community could mean that you could gain equity quickly as prices continue to rise.


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Southlake is a self-contained, thriving community. Residents often find that although they are centrally located to Fort Worth, they don't really need to leave Southlake all that much. According to South Lake Style, locals are actually quite adamant about this fact. They don't live in Dallas or Fort Worth, they live in Southlake. It's a great place to grow up, so if you want to buy a house to raise a family, look no further. Southlake is part of Carroll ISD, the top-rated school system in the state. In addition, each school in the district has the same mascot — the dragon. This makes it very easy for young residents to show their continued school spirit throughout their entire educational careers.

Southlake is big on family-centered activities. You can spend a day outdoors at Bicentennial Park or Bob Jones Nature Center, or beat the Texas heat at the Southlake Public Library. For dinner, you'd be surprised at just how many options there are to choose from. In the old days, you could only dine at the Dairy Queen, the town's only eatery. However, now you can enjoy Mexican, Chinese, and even Mediterranean as part of the city's growing and diverse culinary scene.


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Keller is a welcoming area with great schools. According to Reside Real Estate, about 45,000 people call Keller home, but the population continues to grow. The area has a great location with easy access to both Fort Worth and Dallas. DFW airport is just down the road, a convenient perk for frequent travelers. With all that said, the housing prices in the suburb continue to stay reasonable by national standards. Depending on how much room you want, you can purchase a large family home for around 400k, up to over a million.

Like many suburban Texan towns, Keller has great shopping and dining options, with a perfect mix of local favorites and national chains. In addition, Keller operates its own independent school district that has earned recognition and awards. The quality of education available is another reason that many families from across Texas and even out of state are choosing to move to this suburb. When not working or at school, residents can enjoy the public green spaces, like Johnson Road Park and Keller Veterans Memorial Park.

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