15 Epic Rainy Day Kid Activities You Need to Try (2023)

Rainy days can seem a bit long when you are trapped inside all day with a busy toddler.

It is a good idea to have somerainy day kid activities planned so that you can both enjoy the day.

Here are some simple ways to have fun until the sun comes back out.

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13 Epic Rainy Day Kid Activities

Bake Something

One of my favoritetoddler rainy day activities isbaking! Grab out your recipe book and make something new.

Let them help you measure and stir up a tasty treat with you.

Have them help from the very beginning while you are looking through cookbooks to find which recipes you are making.

This is a great way to encourage early literacy skills.

Let them taste ingredients that are safe as you add them in.

Talk about the different measuring cups and spoons as a way to explore early math skills.

Take time to teach them about safety in the kitchen as well.

Staying away from the hot stove top or oven is an important direction that little ones must follow.

Let them get creative with the recipes and ask them what they want to add in.

Instead of blueberry muffins, maybe try raspberry.

Rotate Your Books or Toys

If you have any sort of toy or book rotation set up then a rainy day is the perfect time to switch it out.

Let your toddler help you get out the new items that have been stored away.

These toys will seem like brand new and your toddler will likely spend some time playing with them.

Take some time to look at books together and sneak in some cuddles. Read old favorites or discover some new stories as well.

You can get some more ideas on how to organize HERE.

Rainy Day Activities for Toddlers that Burn Energy

One of the struggles we have on rainy days is how hard it can be to get movement activities in.

When my toddler doesn’t get to run, jump, and play I see more unwanted behaviors.

Put on Your Toddler’s Rain Boots and Play in the Puddles

Rainy day outdoor activities can be lots of fun!

As long as it is safe to be outside (no thunder or lighting) then grab your toddler’s rain boots and play in the puddles.

Your little one will love splashing and jumping which will help them burn off some energy.

This is also a natural way to help them refine their gross motor skills. You may need a change of clothes when you get inside.


Have a Dance Party

Turn on you or your toddler’s favorite tunes and break out your dance moves.

Try some different types of must that you normally wouldn’t listen to.

See how your little one responds to jazz or turn on orchestra music and learn about the different instruments that you hear.

Grab objects around your house to use as pretend instruments to form a band.

A box of spaghetti works well for a guitar or an empty paper towel roll for a microphone.

Do Some Yoga

A great rainy day movement activity is doing yoga.

Listen to spa music and let your toddler move their body.

Not a yogi yet?If you need ideas on some simple yoga moves to try out with your child you can find some here.

Make an Obstacle Course

Take the couch cushions off the couch and use them for Lilly pads. Have your toddler jump across them like a frog,

Grab painters tape and make a balance beam on the floor.

Look around your house and get creative!

Use what you have to create a fun obstacle course for your little one.

You can even add more fun to it by using a timer to see how fast they can make it through.

Where to Take Kids on a Rainy Day?

Go on an Adventure

Is there a new store or a museum you have been wanting to hit up?

Grab your little one and take them somewhere new to explore with you.

If there have been several rainy days in a row it may be the perfect time to escape for a bit. The mall can be a great place for your toddler to walk around and explore.

It also gives you a chance to do some shopping as well.

Take a Mini Road Trip

Have you been to the neighboring town?

Is there an attraction you want to see that is a short drive away.

Before a rain day happens, make a list of places you would like to visit. Then when the rain starts to fall hop in the car and go to your destination.

Going somewhere new can bring excitement to a gloomy day!

Rainy Day Projects for Toddlers

15 Epic Rainy Day Kid Activities You Need to Try (3)

Free play can get old at times. This is when it is great to have a structured kids activities forrainy days when toddlers are at home.

Toddler Friendly Crafts

Rainy day toddler crafts can be a life saver when you are trapped inside all day with your little one.

Have a box of craft supplies handy so that you can make something together.

When you spend time cutting, drawing, and painting you are giving your toddler the opportunity to work on their fine motor skills.

You can get some easy and fun craft ideas here.

Educational Rainy Day Toddler Activities

Complete a Rainy Day Science Project

If you are looking for a fun learning experience that is ready to go at any time then you need to check out Green Kid Crafts.

My son has loved doing the boxes and they have been a life saver on rainy or snowy days.

The activities are simple enough to keep your toddler interested and engaged.

Most of the supplies comes in the box so you will be ready to do it at anytime (sometimes projects require a couple of household items that you most likely already have on hand.)

You can read about our experience with them here.

Listen to an Audio Book

I remember listening to books on tape as a child and loving it!

Listening to an audio book gives your child a different early literacy experience.

It is a great way to grab a new book without leaving the house!

Look at Family Photos

Whether you have your family photos printed off or stored on your phone take some time to look at them together.

My son loves seeing photos from the past and even remembers some of the places we went or things we did.

If you live far away from extended family take some time to look at photos of them as well. A great use of Facebook!

Have a Picnic Indoors

Make meal time a little more exciting and have a picnic indoors.

Let your toddler help you pick out what to have for lunch and pack it up into a sack or basket.

You can even throw in the fun treat that you baked earlier in the day together!

Grab a big blanket and let your toddler choose their dining space.

Build a Fort

15 Epic Rainy Day Kid Activities You Need to Try (4)

A great way to get motivated to change the sheets on the bed is for some rainy day fort building!

Have your toddler help you gather sheets and pillows to use for some fort building.

Drape them over chairs or the couch to make the perfect hiding spot.

Face Time with Someone Far Away

Do grandparents, aunts, or uncles live far way? A rainy day is the perfect time to set up a digital date.

See if they are available to read a book or just have a chat. Your little one will enjoy talking to someone new and sharing how their rainy day adventure is going.

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